Scar Transplantation

Scar Transplantation

Scar Transplant

Many of us have gone through small and sometimes even major accidents. The trauma that follows can be intensified if we are left with scars. It becomes even more stressful if those scars become the reason for baldness. Hair follicles are permanently damaged in case of injury and all that is left is an ugly scar as a reminder of what we have gone through.

If you have been in an incident that has left a permanent scar and now you don’t have hair growth in that area. Don’t worry! We are here to make this problem vanish like it was never there. A scar transplant is a thing and a quite successful one. All you need to do is book an appointment with us.

Experts At Your Service

Our experts can guide you about the process in detail. The surgeons we have onboard are experienced in the field and they are always welcoming. you are allowed as many questions as you want to ask, we assure you the professionals will try their best to answer them in a way that can satisfy you and help you in making a decision.

Every client has unique needs and we fully understand this. We try to come up with customized plans for each individual as per their needs. There is no need to be reminded of an accident each time you look at yourself in the mirror. We can help you get rid of that reminder once and for all through a scar transplant.

Modernity Has Make It Easy

Modern advancements in the medical industry have benefited hair transplantation and the technology has advanced significantly. It has become an easy process that requires minimum care after the procedure is conducted. Well, of course, you have to be a little cautious for some time but once you are done, you are done for the long term.

The techniques we use are known for minimum scarring during the procedure and you won’t have a visible bald patch. There can be nothing more fulfilling than having great hair. The experts at our facility will guide you about the care and follow-ups and after a few months you will see the amazing growth.

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be! Call us at +90 552 580 9634 or make an appointment