Moustache Transplantation

Moustache Transplantation

Moustache Transplant

Patchy or spotty hair loss at the moustache area is not ideal for men and it may hurt their sentiments. In many parts of the world, a moustache is considered a sign of being manly and it becomes a real mental torture for those who couldn’t grow it for some reason.

If you are also struggling with this problem there is no point in keep battling with the depression that comes with it. We are here to guide you through and we assure you that we can make one trouble less in your life through our moustache transplant. This treatment is pain-free and the process is simple.

Experienced Professionals

Our surgeons are well experienced and they are loyal to the profession. It ultimately makes us the best choice. If you are worried that it is your face undergoing the surgery then we would like to tell you that hair transplants for the face are becoming popular quickly. There are several people who are living examples of successful hair implants.

However, we are not denying that the entire procedure is planned out in a careful manner and it is essential too. Until and unless our surgeons are sure that everything is good to go we never begin with the procedure. We understand you might have so many questions and we are here to answer them all.

Reasons For Moustache Hair Loss

You need to be relaxed before the surgery and that is our first priority. There are several reasons in men that can lead to loss of moustache hair. These reasons include congenital baldness or hair deficiency, post- folliculitis scaring, surgery, burns, scars due to trauma or injury, long-standing alopecia areata, and traction alopecia.

It is important to understand the natural pattern of hair and that varies from individual to individual. This is why surgeons need to customize the transplant process. It requires meticulous details and keen attention from the professionals. We urge you to take the right decision because a minor mistake can lead to a disaster and no one wants that.

Moustache transplant is getting popular there is no denying but it doesn’t mean the criticality has become any lesser. Once the operation is successful you have to follow the post-op care and precautions. The growth will begin after three months and it will be better over the next few months.

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be! Call us at +90 552 580 9634 or make an appointment