Corrective Hair Transplantation

Corrective Hair Transplantation

Have you been through the pain of the wrong hair transplant? Medica hair Transplant is here for you. We provide corrective hair transplantation services for our clients at the best possible rates. Corrective hair transplant is performed on hair that has been transplanted incorrectly previously or if it has developed a reaction.


  • Correct wrong angle transplants
  • When surgery went wrong, it makes it look better
  • Better look
  • Looks more natural


This treatment may be required more than once depending on the amount of damage. In case, the initial donor area is not able to donate more hair than other body areas might be used.

The Process

Sometimes people go for cheaper options and then end up contacting Medica hair Transplant for corrective method. In some cases, we can overcome the damage but at other times only some of the damage can be undone. It is vital to choose your doctors and facility carefully.

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be! Call us at +90 552 580 9634 or make an appointment