Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

There are several methods used for beard transplantation. The most widely used among these methods is FUE. In most cases, it is due to hormones but stress and infections can also be the cause. Once the root cause is known it will be easier to decide the next course of action. The FUE experts at Medica hair Transplant pay attention to minute details so our clients won’t have to face any complication.


  • Makes you feel confident
  • Local anesthesia ensures no discomfort
  • No risk of infection and bleeding
  • No scarring


It takes two to three months for a beard to start growing. After the third month has passed, the beard will show signs of the final shape and within a year it will be completely grown.

The Process

The area of transplantation is canalized before implantation. Preliminary assessments are carried out before the original transplantation. Follicles from the back of the neck are one by one transferred.

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